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The HypeCity Show: Mason, Kilogram

This week's episode of HypeCity brought us another Philadelphia artist, the eccentric and talented Mason (@gotmason), and veteran Trenton, NJ emcee Kilogram (@kilogram3), who's fresh of his newest release "Not My Boy."

We chopped it down with Mason about everything from high fantasy novels to the duality of man, and everything in between. The 29 year old hip hop artist has been in the game for some time now, and is poised to truly make his mark in hip hop and in music overall. Mason is a highly intellectual artist who doesn't really fit into any specific category when it comes to a style of music. Rather, he utilizes poetic imagery to shape the listener's frame of mind to understand his message, which represents a struggle to balance out the different aspects of his personality.

Mason recently released Gods We Were, an EP produced by FortuneWest (@fortunewestmusic), and plans on releasing a new blended-genre 5-track EP titled Primordial, also produced by FortuneWest. After that he will drop another project titled The Reel, which will juxtapose high concepts with “ignorant, hard beats,” and whose record titles are based on post-apocalyptic films. Look out for all the work Mason has coming down the line.

After getting into his story, Mason laid down a unique freestyle, dropping melodic and hypnotic bars over Migos’ Bad and Boujee instrumental.

Kilogram, from Trenton, NJ, has seen made a prominent name for himself in hip hop for quite some time. From his many prominent collaborations, including a record with then-Rocafella artist Peedi Crakk “Be Easy” back in 2008, to his current record Not My Boy, Kilogram has never stopped grinding. He music is a reflection that he truly embodies the spirit of the hustler in every sense of the word. Kilogram discussed with us how facing adversity, from losing his brother to his partner being locked down for 10 years, has affected his music. Despite the obstacles, Kilogram is back stronger than ever with a new EP featuring a fun, catchy record “Not My Boy” based off an inside joke from his neighborhood, in addition to the signature street sound he has become known for.

Being a veteran in the game, Kilogram has also transitioned from being an artist only to operating more as executive. He is developing multiple artists - emcees, vocalists, and producers - under Chain of Command entertainment. He has also now added live event host to his resume, organizing his event "Breakfast with Barz,” a platform for upcoming emcees to display their craft to a live audience while everyone enjoys drinks, waffles and bacon.

Kilogram also blessed us with an on-the-spot display of his lyrical ability, opting for an acapella performance which featured some words of wisdom expected from an OG of Kilogram's stature.

Check Kilogram’s newest singled “Not my Boy” on iTunes and the official video on YouTube. Also grab your ticket to Breakfast with Barz on March 11th at 8pm.

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