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Remy Ma Goes Full Savage on Nicki Minaj with the Diss Track "ShETHER"

Saturday evening, Bronx-bombing female emcee Remy Ma lit a fire under hip hop with a seething 7-minute diss record aimed directly at her on-again, off-again nemesis Nicki Minaj, and the internet lost its collective mind.

Many say this lyrical assault has been a long time in the making, and was the only likely outcome of a years-long semi-contentious rivalry, though there has never been a direct attack, until now.

What happened Saturday goes all the way back to 2008, when Remy Ma being incarcerated coincidentally marked the beginning of Nicki Minaj’s meteoric rise in hip hop. The rumors began just before Remy was locked away, surrounding a scathing Nicki Minaj verse over the beat to "Yeah Yeah Yeah," a record by Remy’s Terror Squad crew, which some saw as a shot in itself. Though no names were said, there were lines which could have been interpreted as being aimed in Remy’s direction.

Shortly following that, there was a video of a young woman who bore somewhat of a resemblance to Nicki claiming to have had a relationship with Remy Ma, and she was upset that she was no longer in communication with the Bronx femcee. This was debunked as Nicki claimed it was not her and Remy claimed to have not known the woman nor to have had a relationship with the mystery lookalike or Minaj herself.

Fast forward to Remy’s release from prison and things quickly got interesting. Remy said in an interview that "the industry will pit us against each other,” and that she would be interested in working with Nicki Minaj in the future. Despite the statement, Remy dropped a freestyle over the beat to a Nicki Minaj record, Truffle Butter. Again, no names said, but some bars which could be interpreted as antagonistic toward Nicki. There was a recent freestyle during which Remy stated that she is “a monster” in addition to a couple more seemingly anti-Nicki lines which suggested things were becoming contentious, yet still no names and no real shots fired. Also, Remy was one of the first to congratulate Nicki on receiving the BET Hip Hop Award for Best Female Hip Hop Artist.

Since then the politics and public friendliness rapidly declined, and Remy began firing what could be interpreted as more shots via a Hot97 freestyle, and a Fat Joe collab “Money Showers.” where she stated:

"Bitch claiming she the queen. What? Not hardly

Who the fuck gave you your crown, bitch—Steve Harvey?”

Despite the perceived jabs, Remy said during a Breakfast Club interview (19:00) that if she had beef with a female emcee she would say their name.

All bets were off once Nicki Minaj dropped two recent shots, which leave little doubt as to who they’re aimed at. On Jason Derulo’s "Swalla,” Nicki says:

"I gave these bitches two years, now your time’s up

Bless her heart, she throwing shots, but every line sucks."

As if that weren’t clear enough, Nicki took it a step further on Gucci Mane’s “Make Love,” stating:

"Oh oh, you the queen of this here? One platinum plaque, album flopped—bitch, where?"

With gloves taken off, Remy Ma pulled no punches on “ShEther” a play on words being that she is coming for the crown of best female emcee over Nas’s “Ether” instrumental. Take a listen to the record and check some of the internet’s reactions to the deadly diss record.

What did you yall think? Did Nicki get bodied? How soon til she responds? We need answers...

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