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Camden Premo Gives a Glimpse into his Lifestyle with Memoirs of a Hooligan

Camden, NJ native Camden Premo (@camdenpremo), recently seen making headlines in his current home of Los Angeles, CA, just dropped a 7-track EP titled Memoirs of a Hooligan. The album features all-star level production, and finds a new and improved Premo giving us an in-depth perspective into the life of a Hooligan.

M.O.A.H. opens with "Hooligan Lullaby," which finds Premo hypnotically reflecting on his Hooligan lifestyle. As the title may suggest, Premo is singing a lullaby about what has now become his everyday life for him - tearing the club up, drugs aplenty, surrounded by bad bitches and seeing they're just as much a Hooligan as him, at one point stating "I fell in love with a Hooligan.” It's a mellow intro into Premo's world, and serves as both an intro and warning that not everyone is built for this life. The song rides out with a quick switch to a west coast street-influenced beat, to signify Premo's transition from the streets of Camden to the streets of Los Angeles.

On "Lay Down," Camden Premo calmly flexes his influence in the streets, while pulling the cards of those who may be only maintaining a facade of the boss lifestyle which only a few, including Premo and his Hooligan gang, truly live.

Next Premo turns up the energy on Memoirs of a Hooligan's certified standout banger, "Out the Frame". Blazing production drives Premo’s wavy wordplay, and the record's catchy bridge and hook display that Premo, his Hooligan gang, and their signature sound can “tear this bitch out the frame” in any city at any given time. This is the one to get you turnt at the club, in the gym, or driving around the city with your Hooligans ready to tear something up.

"Bitch You Owe" Me finds Premo in the strip club reminding a baddie that she owes him for his music driving the club crazy, resulting in her “making 50 bands when my song come on.” The production once again is top notch, ready to get the ladies moving and light up any club that bangs this record.

"Janis Joplin" is an extremely catchy record about a Hooligan girl who likes to partake in many more illicit substances than just the premium weed Premo and his gang enjoy. Her drug choices make Premo compare this girl to the rock legend and 27 Club member Janis Joplin, who was known to live her life to the max when it came to sex, drugs, and alcohol. Premo tells a story of a wild night with his Janis Joplin which fortunately ends safely and happily the next morning, despite the drug-fueled antics of the night before.

"Lady Hooligan" is a laid back ode to one of Premo's female Hooligan counterparts, telling a story of her and Premo running across the city, tearing the club up and fucking up checks, reminding us that “these girls are Hooligans, like us…"

Premo closes Memoirs with "Work for Me," a simple yet effective statement that his Hooligan life - getting money, slinging dope, sex, drugs, living wild and free - is what works for him. He also acknowledges that this life isn’t for everyone, that the streets created what he has now become, and the life comes at a cost.

Go check Memoirs of a Hooligan on SoundCloud, comment what you think about the album, and keep an eye out for Camden Premo’s upcoming tour dates.

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