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The HypeCity Show: DJ No Phrillz, Fel Sweetenberg

Last night was mad real.

This week on HypeCity we had a special show featuring a great interview performance with renowned Philadelphia native DJ NoPhrillz (@djnophrillz) and veteran emcee and producer, Camden's own Fel Sweetenberg (@sweetenbergthehorrible), both of whom ended up burning down The Booth. Don't get it twisted: the DJ has bars too.

We kicked it off by discussing the current hot topics in the hip hop world, including ASAP Rocky’s second Guess collaboration and Raekwon’s new upcoming album The Wild.


DJ NoPhrillz got into his extensive experience in the game, talking about how he got his start by taking his father’s high-end Marantz turntables and teaching himself to scratch. He also told us about his upbringing, being from South Philly, from a neighborhood that contained Philly legends such as Larry Larr of Ruffhouse Records, E.S.T., K9 Posse, Tat Money, Chuck Nice, Michael Bivins of Boyz II Men, and more. He drew his motivation from keeping up with Philadelphia greats like DJ Jay Ski and his show the Hip Hop Review on Q102, and was first shown the ropes by DJ Murk Raw from his neighborhood.

DJ NoPhrillz spoke about his quest to connect the different areas of Philadelphia, and Philadelphia to the rest of the world “the street and the backpack.” NoPhrillz also spoke on the difference between his era coming up and currently, saying he had to put his work in and hone his craft before even proclaiming himself a DJ, while nowadays anyone can grab a laptop, give themselves a cool name get started online. He talked about the difference between the digital and the warm original feel of scratching on vinyl.

Currently you can catch DJ NoPhrillz representing his Philly Support Philly movement, while working with artists like Rich Quick (@richmfnquick), with whom he plans to drop a project to commemorate the 5-year anniversary of their collaboration I’m with the DJ. Catch him as guest judge on the It’s My Turn Now showcase March 26 in Philadelphia, presented by Air It Out Radio & Ntune Entertainment Group, and at The Roots Picnic in June.


After speaking with NoPhrillz, the legendary Camden, NJ emcee and producer extraordinaire Fel Sweetenberg sat down in the interview chair to chop it up about life, hip hop culture, and more.

Off the bat we started reminiscing about Fel spitting at Camden High School. He talked about how coming up he took his favorite rappers Big Daddy Kane and Rakim’s lyrics and wrote them down until he understood their cadence and style and what made it so effective. He told us how he would write rhymes, and then began to eventually make his own beats out of necessity. Fel spoke about the current state of the game, and why he has been able to last such long time by avoiding the common pitfalls, such as signing the much maligned “360 deal.” You can hear the wisdom in Fel’s words as he speaks about competition in Hip Hop, the need for discipline, and his hope that his daughter “hears my voice as she gets into trouble.” Fel’s transition to the older, wiser version of himself did not come by accident. Coming up in Camden, NJ Fel saw firsthand the horrors of living in one of the world’s most violent inner cities, in addition to experiencing the loss of his father who passed from a drug overdose. Rather than allow his experience to leave him stuck in the same cycle as the world surrounding him, Fel expressed his motivation to maintain a positive image and influence the younger generation to shift the paradigm.

After getting into his past, Fel passed the Legends Speak quiz with flying colors, expected given his dedication as a student of hip hop culture. And then came the moment we were all waiting for - Fel hopped in The Booth, inspiring basically everyone in the building to do so with him, including Blessa (@therealBlessa) of 30 and Over League and Spaz Nation, DJ NoPhrillz, and guest co-host Eli Seeney (@EliSeeney).

It was an epic night.

Go check Fel Sweetenberg’s classics such as "Power Stricken" as well as his power productions like 30 and Over League’s "Show and Prove,” and keep an eye out for his next move.

Catch the HypeCity Show every Thursday Night 7-9 PM on and the UTM Radio App for your smartphone.

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