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The HypeCity Show: BBinc Choc from The Real Exposure Show

HypeCity had a special guest in the building for this week’s show, Choc (@bbincchoc) from BB inc and The Real Exposure Show (@215RealExposure). The "young Oprah in the making" is also host of the Hottest in the City cypher series, which has featured such lyrical heavyweights as Oun-P, Murda Mook, Mad Squablz (@MadSquablz), Jadakiss and more.

Choc grew up in North Philadelphia within a chaotic environment typical of the toughest inner city. Crimes such as rape and murder became daily staples, part of a harsh reality she learned to accept at an early age. Despite the turmoil of her earlier life, Choc was always focused on creating a brighter future for herself and others in her situation.

Choc decided to channel the negativity entrenched in her environment into a positive, harnessing her love for hip hop music and her drive to give the untold perspective from within the city into a career in radio and journalism. This drive found her at Blazin 267 (@blazin267Radio) delivering exclusive content from the Hip Hop world, including her Hottest in the City cypher series and exclusive interviews with guests like Gillie Da Kid, Peedi Crakk, DJ Self, and many more.

Now a 5 year veteran in the world of radio, journalism, and event hosting, Choc is ready to reveal the next step in her plan. After a run of success with Blazing 267, Choc is now hitting the streets with her own brand The Real Exposure Show, which will be comprised not only of the hip-hop content for which she's become known, but also the untold stories which reveal the raw truth that is inner city life.

Choc believes it is her purpose to give a voice to the voiceless in the inner city. Recently she interviewed Kareema Wright, mother of Destiny Wright, a 6 year old girl who was raped and murdered in Philadelphia, in the same neighborhood where Choc herself previously lived. The interview gave the deeper look into the story which was absent from the coverage by the major outlets, and vividly invoked the pain and distress surrounding the devastating events.

Keep an eye out for Choc and her BBinc and The Real Exposure Show brands as they keep their ear to the streets, and catch the next Hottest in the City cypher, March 16th at Vera Nightclub in Cherry Hill, NJ. Artists looking to sign up should contact Choc at Look out for information regarding the Hottest in the City cypher and The Real Exposure Show at and keep an eye on Choc's moves.

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