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Interview with B.O.R.N., aka Bangout, Winner of Kilogram’s Breakfast with Barz Showcase

HypeCity caught up with Bangout to discuss his recent performance at fellow Trenton MC/Entrepreneur Kilogram’s (@kilogram3) #BreakfastWithBarz hip-hop music showcase, which won him the trophy.

B.O.R.N. (Bang Out Real Nigga) or Bangout for short, was born Mario Wells in Washington, D.C. and “raised in the mean streets of Trenton, NJ.” It is there Bangout developed his musical style which he describes as “Street Reality.” You can hear the influence on his records like his latest “Code of the Streets” which Bangout opens with a hook stating “on my block I was always taught to get money, and never let another nigga take nothin from me.” There is a certain wisdom found in Bangout’s words as he speaks on tough street topics but from the perspective of someone who’s actually lived what he describes. On the final verse B.O.R.N. delivers a few jewels typical of his music, such as “Ain’t nothing like a side hustle when you stack checks. Nowadays you need more than one financial access.”

Below are some highlights of our conversation with Bangout:

How does it feel to win Breakfast With Barz?

Winning the #BREAKFASTWITBARZ Showcase meant a lot to me being it was my first ever showcase. I proved to myself that my music is still relevant after leaving rap alone for a long time. And it motivates me to keep this thing going.

How will you capitalize off the exposure these kind of events can bring?

Awwwww man whatever comes my way I am going to go at it full throttle. I'm trying to be on everything popping, and that alone is going to make me stay in the lab because people want to see consistency! [It] definitely makes it a little easier to network and get a better understanding of the work that needs to be put in. People are going to want new material so I have to be ready to capitalize off that alone. Just off the showcase alone I was able to link up with an individual that I thought was dope, so yeah I'm definitely going to make it do what it do!

What can we expect to see from you next?

I’ve got the self-titled B.O.R.N album coming the end of this month, and a mixtape right after that. Just hot songs, dope bars, and real rap! Everything on the album is produced by the one and only Cobra Clutch.

Make sure you go check B.O.R.N.’s latest single "Code of the Streets”and look out for his self-titled album coming at the end of March 2017.

Follow B.O.R.N. aka Bangout:

Facebook: Mario Wells (BORN)

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