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Jo Rivers Releases ‘I Don’t Even Know Yet’

Jo Rivers, HypeCity, I Don't Even Know Yet

Hypecity stopped by an exclusive album release party for Camden, NJ singer, songwriter and occasional emcee Jo Rivers’ (@joriversmusic) newest project, an EP titled ‘I Don’t Even Know Yet.’ The entire project is produced by her fellow New Jersey musical powerhouse, the producer, emcee, and artist Famey Miscellany. (@iamfamey).

The album features New York vocalist/emcee Michael Fiya (@michael_fiya) and JoJo’s fellow Camden native, the fiery femcee known as Neykole. (@neykoleher)

The album is a tale of Jojo coming of age, reflecting on her personal life, her career and the world surrounding her, and firmly establishing her standards for how she wants it to be. You can hear in Jojo's lyrics the influence of growing up in Camden, NJ, one of the world’s most dangerous and most impoverished cities, along with Jojo past experiences in relationships as well as her career, and her ambition to become a force in the world of music.

Here is a rundown of what we heard on the 'I Don't Even Know Yet' EP:

"Can’t Stop the Rain"

Jo leads off her 6-track EP by reflecting on the things that weigh heavily on her mind - lost friends to the streets, heartbreak, being taken advantage of. Despite the negativity found in her surroundings, Jo stays focused, stating “either way I’m making moves."

"My Situation"

Jo talks about a man who’s not her man but he is her “situation," a companion who treats her like his lady and vice versa, and without whom Jo would feel lost. The track features lively production from Fame beneath soulful, sensual vocals by Jo.


Jojo speaks about heartbreak on this record, telling a story of a man to whom she dedicated herself who turned out to not be as down for her as he said he was. Jojo recalls all that she did for him, and how he ended up hurting her in the end. In the end Jojo takes the experience as a valuable lesson “be careful who you riding for cuz homie might fall off." The video for this record, by Wayne Campbell (@wayne_campbell), will be released very soon.

"M.O.N. (Money Over Niggas)"

This record’s title makes abundantly clear Jojo’s state of mind while pursuing her dreams. She is laser focused and will not be distracted by the affections of the many men chasing her, no matter how charming or attractive they may be or what promises they make. She also warns against falling for her, as she “would rather stack these figures” than remain attached to any of the men with whom she associates.

"Take it Slow"

On Take it Slow JoJo collaborates with Queens, NY singer and emcee Michael Fiya to tell a story about a man with whom she has strong chemistry but she warns to take it slow, or else he may end up lost in his feelings for her. Jojo wishes she could just chill with someone without having to worry about them trying to move too fast and ending up crashing and burning like most guys who just try to get her in bed.

"Hooks for the Low"

On this record Jojo joins with a fellow Camden artist Neykole as both flex their skills and give fair warning that they will not always be so accessible. Neykole puts her competition in their place with a wavy flow full of hard punchlines as Jojo sings that she’s got “hooks for the low,” which will not be the case for long as she is on the verge of blowing up to superstartdom.

Go check ‘I Don’t Know Yet’ EP by Jo Rivers on multple platforms, including iTunes and Amazon, and let us know what you think in the comments below. Also, keep an eye out for the visual for "Chopped" dropping any day now.

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