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The Real Exposure Show Presents its Latest Hottest in the City Cypher with Special Guest Host Smack

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HypeCity stopped by Cub Vera in Cherry Hill, NJ to catch the latest Hottest in the City Cypher, brought to you by The Real Exposure Show (@215RealExposure) and BBinc Choc (@bbincchoc). Choc brought out a special guest to co-host and emcee the event, none other than underground rap legend Smack White (@smackwhite) from Smack/URL (Ultimate Rap League).


Philly’s Salitty (@salitty_1221), Haze Yoga Club (@hazeyogaclub), and Hollow Man (@stilltalkinheavy) joined Cash Money artist Mike D’Angelo (@iam_mikedangelo_) of Washington, D.C. and many more on stage for a live showcase of each emcee's latest bangers.


Next, a slew of emcees, many of whom had just performed their records in the showcase, then stepped into the circle to burn down a bevy of beats fed to them by DJ Curt (@djcurt07) . Mike D’Angelo, Haze Yoga Club, and cypher Hollow Man delivered memorable performances that got the crowd rocking.

Special Surprise Performance

West Philly legendary Hip-Hop crew N.A.A.M. Brigade surprised everyone when DJ Curt threw on the instrumental to their classic “Early in the Game” which features another Philadelphia heavyweight Freeway, who was not in attendance. The crew began to assemble then suddenly the crowd found itslef rocking to a full set inducing N.A.A.M. Brigade's classics as well as some of their most recent work.

Be sure to check The Hottest in the City cypher series, every third Thursday. The next will also be held at Club Vera in Cherry Hill and will feature Hip-Hop super emcee Jadakiss.

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