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The HypeCity Show: OTG, Diverse Character

On this week's episode of the HypeCity Show we played new music from Riverdale, Maryland’s J. Tek (@j.tek) off his new ‘LOST’ EP, “The City” by Camden’s Apollo Ali and Verb Spielberg, Shakil, Hamillions, and Porta Rich, and many more exclusive sounds you will only hear with us.

We also welcomed two musical giants fresh off their respective treks down to Austin, TX for SXSW. Philadelphia soul musician OTG (@OTGnegus) and Trenton, NJ’s Diverse Character (@VerseCharacter) came through, delivering dope interviews and on-the-spot performances.


OTG talked about his love for music, how it was passed to him from his mother while she was pregnant with him. He came up on Christian and Jamaican music his mother used to listen to. eventually expanding his own music taste as he got older and more involved in the industry.

OTG spent a lot of time finding his vision, and is still in the process to this day. He says that when he first learned to produce beats he believed he could be Pharrell. He got into John Mayer’s music and believed he could be him. Then he listened to Kanye and knew he could be him as well. He decided instead he would be the first OTG.

OTG and his team The Huddle were able to grind up their own trip to Austin, TX for SXSW utilizing a GoFundMe campaign, and made the most of it while they were out there.

Be on the lookout for all the work OTG has in store, and show support for what the Huddle has cooking.


Dariel (@dariel_figueroa), Eli (@EliSeeney), and Keli (@kelispark) took a brief break between guests to get into a bit of news, including French Montana’s recent twitter spat which landed him in some hot water.


Diverse grew up in South Trenton, NJ which he describes as being "like every other urban hood...people fighting, people shooting...see somebody today, they gone tomorrow type feeling..." He moved to a safer, more suburban neighborhood in his teenage years, which exposed him to a different lifestyle and expanded his boundaries in music. His music lives up to his name, with a wide range of influences from Kid Cudi, to Drake, to Nas and Tupac Shakur.

He talked about the work he puts in to build his career, including his trip to Austin, TX for SXSW, where he had "the strip lit" with his mascot Tyrone the iPhone, whom can also be seen in his video for "Ring, Ring, Ring" Due to his large online following, he was able to meet many of his fans in person who have been following and supporting his career while he was in Texas.

Diverse is motivated by progressing and providing a good life for his friends and his family using his craft. He thinks back to the moment he was booed off stage in high school, which drives his intense work ethic. It's that work ethic, in addition to his natural born ability, that has driven him this far and will push him to his goal of being "top 100 in 12 months."

Verse ended the show with an on-the-spot performance in The Booth, burning it down with some fire bars and showing what the hype is about.

Diverse has a few shows lined up to perform his hit single "Ring, Ring, Ring" including a performance in Brooklyn, New York City April 26, 2017, so be sure to go witness the phenomenon in person. Also go check "Ring, Ring, Ring" on iTunes and Spotify.

Check the entire HypeCity show featuring Diverse Character and OTG above, and catch every episode on SoundCloud.

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