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The HypeCity Show: DS Quattro, Klint Beastwood

This week the HypeCity Show welcomed BAU emcee DS Quattro (@DS_BAU) of Philadelphia, PA and super producer Klint Beastwood (@klintbeast_ontheboards) of Camden, NJ.

We also welcomed to the show a special guest host Keli Spark (@KeliSpark), a buzzing social media star from Philadelphia.

We played Kendrick Lamar’s The Heart pt. 4, Raekwon’s “This is What it Comes to” as well as, since we had them in the building, new records from BAU’s DS Quattro, PT Starks (@ptstarks), and DOE Boy Philly (@doeboyphilly)

In the news, inspired by Jordan Peele’s latest accomplishment, we we reviewed the history black cinema and noted how far things have progressed. The conversation found its way into black action films, where we then concluded, among other things, that Wesley Snipes does not receive enough credit for his impact on action films.

Business As Usual

DS Quattro got into his background, talked about his grind, and the emotion he puts into his music. He talked about how his rough upbringing drove him to be great, and he began writing songs in high school.

DS talked about the importance of maintaining respect and ensuring that the people know who he is so they maintain a deeper connection to him and his music, comparing the opposite approach to a politician who just yells "Vote for me!"

DS talked about working with his Business As Usual team, in addition to PT Starks and DOE Boy Philly, and his relationship with super producer Symphony (@bausymphony) whose focus and high standards push DS and the entire crew to achieve more and never settle.

After a great interview, DS dropped one of the most memorable freestyles we've had on HypeCity, scorching the mic with a 5-minute lyrical onslaught, leaving no doubt he deserves to be considered among the best emcees in Philadelphia.

Klint Beast on the Boards

Klint Beastwood talked about his particular way of doing things in his production, how he favors the program Logic, and sometimes has days when he bangs out no beats at all and some days hr knocks out ten.

He talked about the origin of his name, how he used to be a wild kid who got in trouble a lot. One day he was on punishment and ended up watching an entire Clint Eastwood marathon. One particular movie, where Clint Eastwood’s character “took out the whole team out by himself” which lead Klint to say “he’s a beast for that...” From that moment he decided to combine “Beast” and “Clint Eastwood” and came up “Klint Beastwood."

Go check Klint Beastwood’s Beastrumentals Vol. 1

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