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The HypeCity Show: Alexandros Vee, Famey Miscellany, Logan Manganelli

On this week’s episode of the HypeCity show we had a very special show, hosted by Eli Seeney (@EliSeeney) and Pharron “Gliss” Fields (@gerzeygliss), live on UTM Radio (@UTMRadio) from The Nest Recording studio in Philadelphia, PA.

We played some new joints off Talib Kweli and Styles P’s new collaborative effort ‘The Seven’ as well as music from our guests Alexandros Vee (@alexandrosvee), Famey Miscellany (@iamfamey), and Logan Manganelli (@ManganelliMusic).

We began our interviews with Canadian Hip-Hop artist Alexandros Vee, who phoned in from his home city Calgary, Alberta. He talked about moving to Canada from Greece when he was young after his father passed and he and his mother had to move the only place she had family. He started music in high school, and grinds away at his career despite the lack of a Hip-Hop presence in Calgary.

Alexandros approaches Hip-Hop with a hustler's mindset, never shying away from whatever it takes to outwork the competition. He's opened up for acts like 50 Cent, Rick Ross, French Montana, and more. It's this drive and his ambition, heard on records like 100K, that sets him apart from the crowd.

Alexandros ended the interview by dropping some bars for us on the spot, despite the fact he was calling from the road.

If you are in the Edmonton area go check Alexandros Vee's upcoming show with Kent Jones (@kentjonesofficial) April 21st at Envy Nightclub, and keep an eye on this rising Canadian star as he continues his path to greatness.


Famey is originally from Germantown, Philadelphia, grew up in Southern New Jersey and now spends most of his time in New York City, creating within the walls of Jerry Wonda (@princewonda)'s legendary Platinum Sound Recording Studio. A multi-talented creator, Famey has displayed mastery of songwriting, production, arrangement and engineering, rapping, singing, and painting.

Famey told us about how his relationship with mentor Jerry Wonda came about, how he began his own label and team called Wonda music, then one day after performing at a showcase Jerry’s people reached out requesting a meeting. Famey's undeniable talent plus the coincidence of having a music group of the same name was enough to let each of them know the connection was meant to be, and Jerry took Famey under his wing.

During the interview Famey displayed the knowledge and wisdom he's gained from being associated with a legendary music producer, even giving some advice to upcoming artists. He warned about the pitfalls of signing a deal with a label, specifically without understanding the details of the agreement, and emphasized the importance of developing your own style and movement before involving anyone else in your process.

Famey ended his segment with his emcee hat on, delivering a barrage of bars addressing things that have been on his mind both personally and professionally. As expected, he

Go check Famey’s latest “audio artwork” titled “Crowns and Confidence” on SoundCloud, and keep an eye on the versatile artist’s next move, including an upcoming show at SOBs in NYC, date TBD.

Trap Manson

Logan Manganelli hails from the Jersey Shore, where there is not much of a hip hop scene.

Because of this he was always looked at as an outcast being so enamored with Hip-Hop from a young age. His sound and style developed over time, from a traditional hip-hop flow and image to his current Trap Manson vibe. He explained it was due to his musical influences being so varied, stating that he listens to everything.

Manganelli has a savvy business mind when it comes to the rap music industry, and maintains a keen awareness of how he is perceived and where it can take him. He takes some of the obvious comparisons to artists like Machine Gun Kelly in stride, understanding that it’s part of the game. Yet Manganelli clearly walks his own path, evidenced on records like Sauce and 2Pac.

For his on-the-spot performance, Manganelli dropped a true freestyle, completely off top, to a classic Hip-Hop instrumental , Wu Tang’s Ice Cream.

You can catch Manganelli live this Saturday April 22nd at Voltage Lounge andbe sure to keep an eye out for the Jersey emcee's next move.

Check the entire episode above and please like, share, and comment!

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