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Hip-Hop Number 1 in the U.S

It's no wonder Hip-Hop acts now refer to themselves as rock stars.

It would appear now they have good reason as, according to a Forbes report on the latest numbers from Nielsen, Hip-Hop has finally overtaken Rock and Roll as the number one most consumed musical genre in the United States, for the first time ever.

Neilsen's music and music video sales tracking data is collected weekly and made available every Wednesday to subscribers, which include record companies, publishing firms, music retailers, independent promoters, film and TV companies, and artist managers.

According to Forbes, R&B and hip-hop—which are technically considered two separate genres—have been responsible for 25.1 percent of the music consumed in the U.S. Rock checks in at 23 percent.

The shift in consumption has been attributed to the surging popularity of streaming services. While Rock still maintains its position as the most popular genre when it comes to selling albums, earning 40 percent of all sales in the U.S., album sales have gradually shown a downward trend as streaming services become more ubiquitous.

Hip-hop/R&B are reportedly responsible for 29 percent of all on-demand streams in the US. Currently, streaming services are the only music platforms still showing a steady trend of growth. For evidence of the current trend, seven of 2017’s top 10 most popular singles are strictly hip-hop, while Bruno Mars’ R&B hit, “That’s What I like” also technically counts, while blending R&B and pop as well.

When it comes to blending genres and topping charts, Drake is the prime example while illustrating hip-hop/R&B’s rise to the top of the U.S.’s most consumed musical genres. His latest project, More Life, has been streamed more than a billion times on Spotify, and March saw him become the first artist to reach 10 billion streams on the popular streaming service.

With streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify expanding their popularity on the daily, the trend of hip hop and R&B’s dominance likely won't see its end any time soon.

Hip-Hop for the win.

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