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Hell Survivor TV Presents It's A Hot Summer

I was invited to attend It's A Hot Summer presented by Hell Survivor TV. Local artist from different Philly neighborhoods were brought together to bring unity to the city. Loved their message and the fact that they came together for a common cause, to show that they are all out to win! It was a great show for the people.

There was performances by Philly artists Drama, Crown Bella, Celebrity Flash, Varcity, O Dollaz, Chedda Bandz, OT TheReal and much more. I love the fact that each artist that performed had their own style and came to put on a show! The energy in the building was at an all time high.

I see a lot of artist out here working, grinding and doing what they have to do, to get to where they want to be. I have a lot of respect for everyone out here chasing their dream and putting in the work. Check out some pictures from some of those who attended and performed at the event. I love attending these events in Philly where different artist come together and perform. It shows that we as a city are able to come together. When I asked Philly artist Drama what advice he had for those trying to chase their dreams, his response was to keep grinding. He said you should always worry and focus on yourself! I respect that. I hope we all continue to stay motivated, #grind #work & #bebuzzin.

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