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Meek Mill Pops Up At Villa in Philly

I had the pleasure of attending the Meek Mill Wins and Losses Pop Up in Philly and when I tell you "Motivation" was at an all time high... Fans gathered at Villa sneaker store, even after the lines turned the corner, to purchase the #WinsAndLosses Album so that they could be able to interact with Meek Mill. From beginning to end people gathered in support of Philly's own. While waiting for Meek Mill artist and entrepreneurs networked inside Villa. There was so much love in the building, it was a beautiful thing to see and be apart of. Fans couldn't wait for Meek Mill to arrive... and when he did they went CRAZY! For me it was amazing to see because Philly has seen and supported Meek from Day 1. So to see him "make it" and also take his friends with him to the top is definitely motivation! One thing that I loved about Meek was that he took the time to acknowledge the crowd outside and also those who waited and gathered inside. There was so much love in the building from artist to press to the fans. It was definitely a great experience to be a part of! Fans took advantage of the little time they got to spend with Meek Mill. From rapping for him, to giving him their music, to taking selfies, down to letting him know how they felt about the album. I think everybody went home