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LEATHERFACE was inspired by Payne’s signing with BSF/Griselda Records. The day he met Benny he said, “Butcher meets Leatherface” and immediately knew he would record an album with that concept. LEATHERFACE features Benny The Butcher, Conway, Redman, Black Thought, DJ Doowop, JoJo Pellegrino, Jakprogresso, Dark Lo, Tristate and includes production from JR Swiftz, Tricky Trippz, Rushmore, Four Limbs, Sev Dee, 151 Productions, Fonkstarr, The Alchemist, and Aloeight. The first single released from the LEATHERFACE album is “Butcher Meets Leatherface” produced by Tricky Trippz. RJ Payne, formerly known as Reign Man, is a battle rap legend and winner of the 2003 MTV MC Battle. He recently joined The Black Soprano Family, headed by Benny The Butcher of Griselda Records, merging EIMG with BSF Records. 

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