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42 Dugg Addresses Robbery Claims Made by Wack 100: Here's the Truth

In the ever-turbulent world of hip-hop, rumors and allegations often fuel the fire of controversy. This time, it's 42 Dugg at the center of a swirling storm, vehemently denying claims made by music manager Wack 100. According to Wack 100, Offset, a member of the acclaimed group Migos, allegedly robbed 42 Dugg during a heated dice game gone wrong. Wack 100's narrative, shared on Clubhouse, suggested that the incident, which supposedly took place three years ago, sparked a feud between Offset and Lil Baby, under whose 4PF imprint Dugg is signed.Dugg outright stated that none of the $100,000 he had on him at the alleged incident's time had been stolen. "These n-ggas ain't took no money, man!" he said, laying a pledge on his kids' lives to reinforce his point. In addition did Dugg's reaction deny the robbery allegation, but it also expressed his frustration with Wack 100, whom he blamed with stirring the pot without justification.

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