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Albee Al FREE After Beating His SECOND murder In 8 Years

Albee Al released from Jail, cleared all charges ranging from attempted murder to weapons possession; as the New Jersey native is finally home. 5 years after a murder acquittal in 2014, Albee Al found himself locked back in jail. The New Jersey native was arrested in connection to a shooting in Passaic County.According to authorities at the time, Al was facing two counts of attempted murder and multiple weapons offenses for his alleged role in a non-fatal shooting. While opting to not cooperate and stand ten toes down on the inside, Al had to f*ght during the entire pandemic to get his case seen by the major courts.Luckily, he had a good criminal defense team, which later exonerated him of all charges today. Just 4 hours ago, he was released from jail and welcomed back to the world by his friends.

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