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Artist B Smith ends Women’s History Month with the release of his first solo single “4 My Ladies

B Smith The Reapa displays his versatility as he makes his solo debut with the release of his first single. Known for his hardcore rap style, melodic flow, and passionate delivery, B Smith switches it up and gets in tune with his Jamaican roots on this track. “4 My Ladies” is a fun dancehall tune encouraging women come as you are, leave the stress from the day at the door, and have a good time on the dance floor.

The cover art, created by Ashley Buttercup, captures the essence of “4 My Ladies.” The feminine figures are the focus of the piece. Each figure is posed confidently in a collage of green forestry acting as a metaphor for women embracing themselves and taking center stage.

B Smith is one half of the rap group Tha Reapaz, with fellow rapper Goodfella. Tha Reapaz released a trilogy of mixtapes under the Suicide Rhymers Title. The duo had internet success with their music video, “Suicide Rhymers,” which garnered over 20,000 views on YouTube.

Rapper/Reggae Artist Brian Smith aka, B Smith, & B Smith The Reapa, was born in Philadelphia to Jamaican parents. He grew up hearing a variety of music in his home from the Caribbean and the US. His musical influences range from dancehall legends like Capleton and Buju Banton, to Motown legends the Four Tops, to the legends of hip hop like Busta Rhymes and Jay- Z. B Smith is an avid gamer and loves spend time with his pitbull, Chaz.

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