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Birdman Reveals How Much Cash Money Earns Off It's Artists’ Masters

During an exclusive interview with Wallo of Where’s Wallo, Birdman revealed how much money he and his company make annually from the masters of Cash Money Records artists and former artists.

“We license the music, I just started letting people sample my sh*t. So yeah, it’s a gang of ways you can make money with your masters,” Birdman said starting around the above interview’s 7:20 mark. “We generate $20-30 million a year just on our masters.”

It’s safe to say Cash Money doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to paying artists and handling contracts properly. Most notably the label’s crown jewel, Lil Wayne, was hindered at the height of his career because of a lawsuit against the label.

Although the true nature of his dispute with Cash Money probably won’t be disclosed since they settled the lawsuit, Wayne’s friend, Rick Ross, took it upon himself to attack Birdman on the song “Idols Become Rivals” for the way Baby allegedly treated his artists.

check the 7:20 mark..

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