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Blac Chyna allegedly holds woman hostage in hotel while high on drugs!

blac-chyna is involved in a police investigation after claims that a woman was “held hostage” in a hotel room during a "drug-fueled" party, The Sun can exclusively report.

In video exclusively obtained by The Sun, a young woman bursts out of a hotel room at the Sacramento Sheraton Grand after Chyna, 33, allegedly held her against her will.

The harrowing ordeal was captured by the woman's friend Ron Knighton, 35, who told The Sun that they had been invited to Chyna’s hotel suite for drinks after a Black Friday party she had hosted in town.

"Everyone was enjoying themselves; the drinks were flowing and the energy in the suite was real good,” Ron said.

The pair were enjoying the late night after-party when Chyna, whose real name is Angela Renée White, suddenly became agitated with Ron’s friend- and the gathering took a dark turn.

"Suddenly out of nowhere Chyna just yelled at my friend to 'shut the f*** up' or she'd beat both our a**es.

"The vibe immediately changed so at that point we thought it was best to leave - but when I went to walk out she shut the door behind me and kept my friend in the room.”

After about 20 minutes of Ron waiting in the hallway, others who appeared to be with Chyna’s entourage came up to her suite and knocked on the door.

In the footage, Chyna can be seen unlocking and opening the door.

As the video continues, Ron yells to his friend to come out, and the young woman bursts through the opened door from behind Chyna and runs down the hallway sobbing. .. age-party/amp/


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