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Blueface's Unexpected Parenting Moment: When His Son Didn't Recognize His Hits"

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

In the world of hip-hop, few things are as rewarding as having your music recognized and appreciated by fans worldwide. However, for rapper Blueface, there's one fan he wishes knew his music a little better: his own son.

Recently, in a candid moment shared on social media, Blueface expressed his disappointment when he discovered that his son wasn't familiar with any of his tracks. "Man, I've been in this game, pouring my heart out in every lyric, and my own blood doesn't know a single song? I'm going to cry," the rapper jokingly lamented.

It all started during a casual day at home when Blueface decided to play some of his hits around the house. Expecting his son to sing along or at least bob his head to the familiar tunes, he was met with a surprising reaction. His son innocently asked, "Who's this, dad?" pointing to the speakers.

The rapper, taken aback, played a few more of his popular tracks, hoping for a glimmer of recognition. But each song was met with the same puzzled look. It was then that the realization hit him: his son, growing up in a world filled with diverse musical choices, hadn't taken the time to explore his father's discography.

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