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Dave Chappelle Speaks Out on George Floyd’s Death, Blasts Candace Owens in Netflix Special

Dave Chapelle does not hold back anything in his new Netflix special titled “8:46,” which the streaming platform debuted for free on its Youtube comedy channel late Thursday evening.

With his signature social commentary, the comedian touches on everything from George Floyd’s death to being unable to accept a Grammy award on the day Kobe Bryant died, to the bashing of conservative TV host Laura Ingraham — and even throws in a signature bit about Ja Rule. It’s hard to figure out what to say about George Floyd, so I’m not going to say it yet,” Chappelle opens, flipping through a black notebook, later adding, “I got to tell you, this is like the first concert in North American since all this s— happened, so like it or not, it’s history. It’s going to be in the books.”

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