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Discover the Hidden Gemz of Atlantic City Music Fest: A Night of Unexpected Delights!"

There's a sense of excitement for the unexpected gemz that the Atlantic City Music Fest, which is taking place at the legendary Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall, promises as it gets closer. This year, finding the best hidden gemz in entertainment is just as important as seeing the major names.

A Surprise and Delightful Lineup

Of course, the main acts, including DaBaby, and NLE Choppa, Chinese Kitty will wow the audience with their incredible performances. The true magic, though, is in finding lesser-known but no less excellent musicians like Millyz, Albee Al, Gatti 800 and J.I. the Prince of NY. These performers are the festival's lifeblood; each has a distinct sound that only has to be discovered.The talented DJs create an environment that is distinct from that of the performances during the festival. The unsung heroes are DJ Wallah DJ Cosmic Kev, DJ Alamo, DJ Drewski, and DJ Fah D; together, they create a tapestry of beats that will steer you through the evening. You may expect the unexpected throughout their sets—a remix, an obscure classic, or maybe a brand-new song that becomes your favorite.

Come experience a night where every act is a discovery and every second offers a chance to learn something new. Discover a wealth of musical treasures at the Atlantic City Music Fest—it's more than simply an event. I want to see you at Boardwalk Hall! Hosted by GILLE DA KING and Nu Jersey Devil special guest Jim Jones, Rico wit Da Cam, Rella, GX and more....

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