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DJ Akademiks Claims Some Male Rappers Are Having Sex With Male Executives

The hip-hop media personality made some claims during a recent stream with his followers, telling them that he's been made aware of several male rappers that are sleeping with music executives in order to gain favor at the record label. Refusing to name any names, Ak said, "I don't even think I really believe all this stuff but I'ma just say this-- in the land of Hollyweird, don't ever think none of this sh*t is too weird for you. There's a couple of executives that I've been hearing are f*cking the male rappers, and they're male too. And I've been saying, 'how come you keep s*cking these n***as off and nobody talks about it!?' But because I don't want to get randomly killed, I won't mention them n***as names either." read more below

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