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DJ EFN Explains The Removal Of Dave Chappelle & Black Star's Drink Champs Episode

DJ EFN has explained the reason for the removal of the Dave Chappelle and Black Star episode of Drink Champs. In a recent interview with HipHopDX he explained that the episode would return soon, and was removed due to miscommunication.

"There was some miscommunication, but we got on the phone with Dave and his team and agreed to properly release through our regular release schedule and partners", the co host revealed. "All is well and hopefully more of what was filmed will make the official release. It's important to Dave and Drink Champs that people see the episode in the right light."The episode which was filmed months ago, was delayed in part due to the Robb Elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

"The shooting happened the week after we filmed and so we were going to fast track that episode, then all parties involved were like it didn't feel right and we skipped that whole week," EFN explained. He said further that other episodes were in queue, so it got pushed back even further. "We're hoping that it sees the light of day sooner than later."

No release date has been announced but EFN hopes that it will be next week's episode." .. champs-episode

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