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Duke Deuce's Evolution: From Quality Control Music to Global Crunk Star"

Duke Deuce just dropped some major knowledge about wrapping up his chapter with Quality Control Music. The Memphis kingpin had a sit-down with Say Cheese TV and let some gems loose about his exit from the ATL label.

"Man, I ain't reppin' QC no more," Duke laid it out. "But it's all love, for real. Big ups to P and Coach. Those my day ones. But real talk, I'm on a new wave now. Ain't just about bars anymore, I'm bigger than that."

He went on, "I ain't just a rapper, fam. I'm a crunk star. I'm a rock star. I'm worldwide with it. You can't box me in with that trap vibe. We talking big stacks over here. It's a whole vibe."

But the "Crunk Ain't Dead" maestro kept some cards close, not spillin' all the beans on why he dipped from the label.

Peep his full interview right here:

Now, rewind to May. Tragic vibes hit when Duke Deuce faced a close call, getting struck by a truck. The man took to the 'Gram, sharing a pic from the hospital, breaking down the wild incident.

Some hater tried to mow him down with a whip. Bless up, he dodged major damage. "Some salty dude tried to take me out with his truck. Just got my arm, though. All good, no fractures. I'm built different," he flexed.

Last year, Duke dropped his fire album, Memphis Massacre III, under Quality Control Music. And guess what? HipHopDX crowned him one of the Rising Stars of 2022. In a chat with DX, Duke got real about bringing crunk back to life.

"Growing up, Memphis felt slept on," he reminisced. "Early 2000s, all eyes were on ATL. Shoutout to legends like Lil Jon, but Memphis had that sound first. It's like another city jacked our vibe."

He continued, "I had to rep that crunk legacy. My tracks were always lit. Like 'Stamp Out' was pure crunk energy. I've been on this, so I had to put a stamp on it."

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