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"Explore the latest developments in Cam'ron's sports talk show 'It Is

Cam'ron, the accomplished American rapper known for his solo career and as the leader of the group the Diplomats, is reportedly on the verge of securing a deal for his YouTube-based sports talk show, "It Is What It Is"​. The show, which debuted in February 2023, follows the programming structure similar to that of ESPN's "First Take" or FOX Sport's "UNDISPUTED", and is currently available to stream for free on YouTube​​.

The Harlem native, whose real name is Cameron Ezike Giles, has been known for his tough business sense. He has expressed that he wouldn't just sell to the highest bidder, and has even declined lucrative six-figure offers for his signature pink fur jacket, stating that he felt the people who offered it to him didn't truly appreciate where the jacket came from​​.

Similarly, for his show "It Is What It Is", Cam'ron has outlined his expectations for any potential network or platform interested in the program. He has clarified that the show is fully funded by him, and he enjoys having creative freedom. He has stated, "They came and did all this shit and y'all gonna have to offer something I ain't got. Now you don't know what I got, but you could assume what I got. I’m not gon’ be unreasonable but you gotta be fair"​​.

However, as of now, Cam'ron has not disclosed who the new deal will be with, but has hinted that something is already in the works​. As he stated, "I got a lot of people. I could have done a deal a month ago but I just want to weigh my options out"​.

Cam'ron's career in music has been illustrious, beginning in the mid-1990s and achieving success with songs such as "Oh Boy" and "Hey Ma". His albums "Confessions of Fire" and "Come Home with Me" achieved gold and platinum status respectively, with the latter containing his highest-charting singles to date​. Aside from his music, he has also occasionally worked as an actor and made his director-screenwriter debut with the film "Killa Season" in 2006.

This recent venture into sports talk shows expands his diverse portfolio and demonstrates his willingness to explore new territories. Fans and the industry alike will be keenly watching as he navigates this new avenue in the entertainment industry.

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