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Fat Joe held nothing back during his recent sitdown with Math Hoffa. The Bronx legend revisited his frustrations with Tekashi 6ix9ine and spoke transparently about his rise to fame and the mistakes he made along the way.

At one point in the interview, Joe said he once got wrapped up with the wrong crowd and told a story about how relying on such a large entourage once cost him a $2 million check.

The Bronx legend started by saying that when he was in Miami a few years ago he ran into a businessman who used to handle marketing for Jamaica’s Red Stripe Beer. The man said at one point the company forced him to fly to New York because they desperately wanted Joe to be the face of their latest ad campaign.

“[The man] said, ‘I went to a place called Jimmy’s Bronx Cafe,” Joe said. “‘When I got up there there was about 100 gangsters standing in front of you, you was sitting in the chair.’ He said, ‘I went past the first ten somebody grabbed me in my chest and told me yo you can’t talk to the Don.’ He said, ‘as I finessed my way around the next 10, somebody grabbed me in the chest, ‘yo get the fuck up out of here!”

Joe described the man as being, “a square dude with a suit on” who had repeatedly said he just wanted to talk to “Mr. Fat Joe.”

“He said, ‘I had a check for $2 million in my pocket, and I was looking at you and I couldn’t get to you.’ So I told that story to Tekashi. I said, ‘Listen when you got 100 n-ggas with you, you think this is keeping it real but you scaring the money. When you doing all that you scaring the money.'”

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