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Freddie Gibbs Puts a Lid on 'Fetti 2', Calls Out Curren$y

Fans eagerly awaiting a sequel to Freddie Gibbs and Curren$y's critically acclaimed 'Fetti' project were dealt a hard blow as Gibbs effectively quashed all hopes of a 'Fetti 2'. The 'Crime Pays' rapper took to Twitter to reveal that there wouldn't be a follow-up to the successful project due to what he perceives as Curren$y's failure to adequately promote their collaborative effort​. The announcement came as a surprise to many who had been keenly anticipating a sequel, especially in light of the success that the original 'Fetti' project had enjoyed both critically and commercially. However, Gibbs was unequivocal in his remarks, stating that the sequel was off the table and pointing fingers at Curren$y for the failure of the project's promotion​​. According to Gibbs, Curren$y’s recent actions, particularly his latest project 'Vices', were a cause for concern. Curren$y’s project involved him aligning with Gibbs' known adversaries, Jim Jones and Benny The Butcher, igniting tensions between the collaborators. Gibbs made it clear that regardless of these recent developments, a 'Fetti 2' was never on the cards​. Gibbs didn't stop at Twitter. He took to Instagram to further emphasize his point, asserting that Curren$y had fallen short on their first project. He noted that not a single video was shot or show performed for the 'Fetti' project. Instead of harboring resentment, however, Gibbs claimed that he simply "subtracted him from the equation" and continued on his path to success, even scoring a trip to the Grammys with his other collaborations​. While this news might be disappointing to fans hoping for a 'Fetti 2', it's not all gloom and doom. Freddie Gibbs remains an active force in the music scene. Last month, Madlib debuted a few unreleased tracks that he had been working on with Gibbs and the late Mac Miller. Furthermore, during a recent tour stop, Madlib confirmed that he has plenty of new music in the pipeline​. In fact, Madlib previewed some fresh tracks at a performance in Sydney, Australia. This includes a song called "John Gotti Karate", which is part of the upcoming collaboration album 'Montana' featuring Gibbs. Another track, "Nosy Neighbour" featuring Mac Miller, is slated to appear on their highly anticipated collaborative project 'Maclib'​​. Madlib also disclosed that he has several albums on the way with Fly Anakin and Meyhem Lauren, further adding to the anticipation for new music​​. On the other hand, Curren$y hasn't been idle either. Besides 'Vices', he recently released a collaborative album with Jermaine Dupri titled 'For Motivational Use Only Vol. 1'. Despite its brevity, the album has received its fair share of critical acclaim. However, the consensus is that it lacks the chemistry expected from a collaborative project, and feels a bit rushed at times​​. In conclusion, while the hopes of a 'Fetti 2' have been dashed, fans can still look forward to new music from both Freddie Gibbs and Curren$y. As for their collaboration, it remains to be seen if the bridges burnt can be rebuilt in the future. For now, the story of 'Fetti 2' ends here, or as Gibbs succinctly put it, "End of story"​

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