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Freeway- We are young Produced by Jake One

Philadelphia Freeway, also known as Leslie Pridgen, has just dropped a new track titled "We Are Young", produced by the talented Jake One from Seattle. The single is a refreshing addition to the rap scene, showcasing the classic sound of Philly rap with a modern twist.

"We Are Young" is a testament to Freeway's skills as a lyricist. He delivers a smooth flow that effortlessly weaves through the beat, creating a captivating vibe that will have you nodding your head and tapping your feet. The production by Jake One is top-notch, featuring a catchy melody that perfectly complements Freeway's verses.

As an artist, Freeway has always been known for his authenticity and passion for the craft. "We Are Young" is a true representation of this. The track showcases his growth as an artist, while staying true to his roots. The single is a perfect blend of classic and modern hip-hop, proving that Freeway still has what it takes to deliver fresh and compelling music.

In conclusion, "We Are Young" is a must-listen for anyone looking for some fresh new music. Freeway and Jake One have truly delivered a masterpiece with this single. The track is a perfect blend of classic Philly rap and modern hip-hop, showcasing Freeway's skills as a lyricist and Jake One's talents as a producer. With its positive message and infectious vibe, "We Are Young" is sure to become an instant classic in the rap scene.

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