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Government seizes billions in cash from air travelers

Dude went through the airport with $115k in his bag to buy some equipment out in Cali and TSA took the bag. They brought in some "agent" that had like 10 different badges and titles. The agent tells the guy he's going to seize his money based on the way his money was packed into the bag, the amount, the fact that he bought a one way ticket and didn't have a hotel room book and the because he had 2 cell phones. The agent tells the dude he has 60 days to prove to the US Attorney's Office where he got the money from and that he's going to open 1 or more federal investigations into him, his businesses, cell phone records and where he got the money. Then the agent told him to get out of the federal investigation, he could sign some "abandonment" paperwork and get all that dropped right there if he forfeits the money. In court filings the FEDs attempted to connect him to some California to South Carolina drug trafficking investigation but they never claimed he was a subject of the investigation. They only said that the amount of money he had, the way he had the money packed and the 2 cell phones were consistent with the way drug dealers move. To make things worse, even though dude hasn't been in trouble for the past 10 years, he has a pretty extensive record dating back to 93 including drugs, guns and evading police. It's been 15 months and they still haven't given back his money. And for those of you that don't know, you can legally travel with ANY amount of cash domestically without declaring it. Sums over $10k have to be declared when you're traveling internationally.

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