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"Hip-Hop Icons Unite: Scarface and Jeezy's Unforgettable Show in Newark"

Updated: Jul 2

The North2Shore festival event at Newark Symphony Hall was an evening that hip-hop fans will cherish for a long time. Featuring iconic artists Scarface and Jeezy, the night was a brilliant mix of classic hits and dynamic performances. From Scarface's memorable opening set to Jeezy’s energetic finale, the event was a testament to the enduring appeal of these hip-hop legends. Scarface's set list was a nostalgic journey through his biggest hits. The audience erupted in applause when he sang "Smile," a song that many fans find very meaningful. He continued with "My Block," demonstrating his narrative prowess, and finished with the Geto Boys classic "Mind Playing Tricks on Me," which had everyone singing along enthusiastically.

Scarface's excitement on stage was contagious. His outstanding performance and connection with the audience showed why he is regarded as a hip-hop pioneer. The thrilled reception from the audience demonstrated his long-term influence on the genre.

As Scarface ended his set, the anticipation for Jeezy's performance grew. Jeezy's DJ hyped up the crowd, setting the tone for an explosive entrance. The shift from Scarface to Jeezy was flawless, and the evening's enthusiasm remained strong. Jeezy commanded the stage with an amazing presence from the time he entered. His act was an exhilarating voyage through his career, with a medley of his best hits delivered with incredible energy.

Jeezy's performance was a nonstop celebration of his best songs. Songs like "Soul Survivor," "Put On," and "Lose My Mind" sent the audience into a frenzy of singing and dancing. Each tune was received with great enthusiasm, showing Jeezy's continued appeal. Newark Symphony Hall was the ideal setting for this remarkable event. The historic location created a sense of grandeur, and the excellent acoustics meant that every beat and phrase were heard perfectly. The ambiance of the location greatly enhanced the overall experience.

Thank you to North2shore for the great show and the invite

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