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Ice Spice and Dunkin' Donuts Collaboration: The 'Munch' Collection Unveiled

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

In the realms of culinary and fashion, there's always excitement surrounding a surprise partnership. The recent collaborative venture that's creating a stir aims to entice your senses and uplift your fashion quotient: introducing Ice Spice x Dunkin' Donuts.

For those new to it, Ice Spice stands out as a distinguished brand recognized for its avant-garde products, predominantly in the lifestyle and fashion sectors. The brand’s offerings consistently flaunt a unique essence, merging modern styles with a hint of yesteryear.

Conversely, Dunkin' Donuts needs little introduction. It's a staple brand equated with daily caffeine fixes, indulgent weekend delicacies, and its unforgettable pink and orange emblem. Their array of donuts, ranging from the timeless glazed variety to seasonal exclusives, has won the hearts of countless aficionados.

Earlier this week, clues about their joint venture emerged on social media. The teasers, a blend of dazzling designs characteristic of Ice Spice, intertwined with Dunkin’s renowned sprinkles, were intriguing to say the least. The term 'MUNCH' was distinctly highlighted, piquing the curiosity of both brands' enthusiasts.

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