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Kid Capri Reveals COVID-19 Battle

"Kid Capri has revealed he’s battling COVID-19. Taking to Instagram on Thursday (January 6), the legendary Bronx DJ shared a post from bed with the caption, “I’m sick as hell. Stay home if it’s not important.” In the video, he describes his symptoms and continues to urge people to stay inside.

“I’m sick as sh*t, man,” he said. “Y’all gotta be careful out there, man. Y’all be careful ’cause it’s bad out there. I’ve been sick for the last three days. fu*king head is pounding. Back hurt. I’m pretty far from good. I just wanted to pop on here and tell y’all take care of yourselves, man. fu*k them parties. fu*k hanging out. If you ain’t gotta be somewhere then don’t go. Just relax, ’cause this sh*t is no joke.”

He continued, “A lot of people I know are dying. Force MD’s Jessie D died today. It’s k*lling a lot of people, man. So if you ain’t healthy, it’ll do you in. So just try to stay out the way, man. Every shirt I put on, I sweat it out. The lady just left here to give me my test. I had the home test, she came over here and tested me. fu*king head is pounding. But like I said, man, just stay out the way. Take care of yourself out there because it’s serious. sh*t is serious.”

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