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Meek Mill Says 6ix9ine's Song Is Trash.. Do U Agree?

Yesterday meek mill and 6ix9ine got into a war of words going back n fourth over social media.. As u know 6ix9ine dropped his first single since coming home called Gooba which did 30 million views in a 24hr time, But meek has been outspoken about him being a snitch and yesterday before 6ix9ine live meek said "I hope that rat going live to apologize to the people he told on or the victim,” he tweeted. “Y’all forgot that fast a ‘rat’ killed nipsey he wasn’t suppose to be on the streets

6ix9ine responded to meek saying “Imagine having a new born baby come into the world & be pressed about a Mexican with rainbow hair,”.. What do u think about the song do u agree with meek leave your comments below.. Also I left a link of the video if u are a fan so u can view it

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