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Moriah Mills' Twitter Suspension: A Tale of Love, Betrayal, and NBA Drama

In a sensational turn of events, former adult film actress and now OnlyFans creator moriah-mills, has found her Twitter account suspended. This drastic action was taken following ' repeated threats to release a sex tape allegedly featuring NBA star Zion-Williamson​.

For weeks leading up to the suspension, Mills had been vociferously criticizing Williamson on Twitter. She claimed that she was led to believe she was in an exclusive relationship with him. However, she discovered that he had another girlfriend when a video of their gender reveal was posted. This came as a shock to Mills, leading to a public airing of personal grievances against the basketball player​.

Moriah Mills, with her Twitter account now inactive, had promised that the sex tape would be "dropping soon." In a message directed at the NBA, she stated, "I have sex tapes of me and @Zionwilliamson, and he also has them on his trap phone. Trade him now; he doesn’t deserve to be in New Orleans!!!" This all happened after Williamson announced that he was expecting a child with his girlfriend. At the same time, rumors were swirling that the New Orleans Pelicans might be looking to trade their standout power forward. Throughout these tumultuous weeks, Mills has repeatedly called for the Pelicans to trade Williamson on social media​​.

The exact reason for Mills' Twitter account suspension has not been officially stated. However, it is highly plausible that her threats to release the alleged sex tape might have been a significant factor. This act could be viewed as revenge porn, a serious offense in many jurisdictions, which could have led Twitter to take swift action against her account​​.

This incident adds another layer of complexity to what has been a challenging period for Zion Williamson. The NBA player had a rough season in 2022-23 due to a lingering hamstring injury that limited him to only 29 games. Now, his off-season has been filled with the personal drama stirred by Mills, adding another potential distraction as his team, the New Orleans Pelicans, allegedly shops him in trade talks​​.

The saga of Moriah Mills and Zion Williamson is a stark reminder of the potential pitfalls of public figures' personal lives intersecting with their professional world. It serves as a cautionary tale about the power of social media platforms and the swift action they can take when their guidelines are breached. As this situation continues to unfold, the NBA community and fans worldwide will be watching closely, waiting for the next chapter in this ongoing narrative.

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