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Oliver Rothstein Teams Up with Heavy-Hitters 38 Spesh & Eto on "Faucets" from His New Album

Philadelphia's own lyrical craftsman, Oliver Rothstein, has dropped a sonic gem with the release of his new album, "The Philadelphian." Among the album's highlights is the standout track "Faucets," a collaboration with the formidable talents of Eto and 38 Spesh, which has quickly garnered acclaim as a certified banger within the hip-hop community.

From the raw streets of Philly to the ears of hip-hop aficionados worldwide, Rothstein's "Faucets" epitomizes the essence of hardcore rap. The chemistry between Rothstein, Eto, and 38 Spesh is palpable, weaving a tapestry of gritty narratives over a beat that hits as hard as the city's famed left hook.

"The Philadelphian" serves as a testament to Rothstein's deep roots in the rap game, featuring a robust lineup that includes Oschino Vasquez, Vodka, Buick B, Taetho, Relliano, Rue 1926, and Kas Dareal. The album is a journey through the life and times of a Philly emcee, reflected in the authenticity of tracks like "You Owe," "Need Bout a 50," and the soul-bearing "Sacrifices."

Listeners looking to indulge in the full experience can find "The Philadelphian" on major streaming platforms, including iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify.

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