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OT The Real, AraabMUZIK & Black Soprano Family's "FADE AWAY" - A Deep Dive


OT The Real, AraabMUZIK & Black Soprano Family's "FADE AWAY" - A Deep Dive

When it comes to collaborations that excite the music scene, OT The Real and AraabMUZIK teaming up is definitely high on the list. Their newly minted album "ZOMBIE" has been making waves, and with the heavyweight backing of Benny The Butcher as the executive producer, it's no wonder.

The Visual Aesthetics of "FADE AWAY"

The music video for "FADE AWAY", one of the standout tracks from the album, is an atmospheric blend of raw emotions and dramatic visuals. Through the lens, you can feel the gritty realism that's become the hallmark of OT The Real's lyrical style. The video has a shadowy undertone, with various urban landscapes serving as backdrops, effectively amplifying the narrative of the track.

Musicality and Production

AraabMUZIK's production is nothing short of impeccable. His signature touch, which marries electric rhythms with haunting melodies, serves as the perfect bed for OT The Real's lyrical onslaught. The synergy between the beats and the verses creates a musical experience that's both immersive and electrifying.

"ZOMBIE" - A Closer Look

The tracklist of "ZOMBIE" reads like a who's who of the hip-hop world. From Benny The Butcher & ElCamino featuring on "The Crown" to Conway the Machine's presence on "Just Different", every track promises a unique vibe and a powerful delivery. The diversity in features, such as 38 Spesh, Rome Streetz, and Amir Ali, suggests an album with varied sounds and perspectives, but all grounded in authentic storytelling.

A Glimpse into the Collaborators

  • OT The Real: With a knack for penning verses that hit hard and resonate deeply, OT The Real has steadily made a mark in the hip-hop community. Follow him on Instagram.

  • AraabMUZIK: Known for his electrifying beats and innovative production style, AraabMUZIK has collaborated with some of the best in the business, proving time and again why he's in demand. Check out his beats on Instagram.

  • Black Soprano Family: With a commitment to promoting genuine talent, BSF has been instrumental in curating sounds that redefine genres. Stay updated with BSF on Instagram.

In Conclusion

"FADE AWAY" isn't just another music video or track; it's a testament to the artistry and dedication of everyone involved. As we delve deeper into the "ZOMBIE" album, it's clear that this collaboration isn't just a fleeting moment, but rather a defining one in contemporary hip-hop.

2023 has been illuminated with the brilliance of the Black Soprano Family, and the release of "ZOMBIE" promises to keep that light shining bright. Dive in and let the waves of raw hip-hop wash over you.

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