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Philly's Rising Star: Unveiling Son of the 215's 'Hidden Gems 2

Son of the 215, a Philly-bred artist, just dropped a new mixtape titled "Hidden Gems 2", and it's catching fire in the streets.
The mixtape, hosted by the remarkable DJ Phaze, showcases Son of the 215's unmatched lyrical skill and raw talent. With seven standout tracks, there's something here for every hip-hop lover.
One track that's causing a major stir is "98 Sigel". This tune has become the street anthem of Philly, boasting an infectious beat and compelling lyrics that encapsulate the city's spirit.
The entire mixtape is a true testament to Son of the 215's artistry. Each track on "Hidden Gems 2" is a sonic gem in its own right, hence the fitting title. But don't just take my word for it, go check it out for yourself. This tape is pure dope!

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2 comentarios

31 may 2023

Yea 98 Sigel is defiantly gem for sure 🔥🔥

Me gusta

31 may 2023

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Me gusta
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