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Raekwon Gets Green Light for Cannabis Dispensary in Newark, New Jersey

It seems like Wu-Tang Clan's raekwon is trading in his mic for a different kind of green venture. The hip-hop maestro recently dropped the news that he has been granted approval to open a cannabis dispensary in the bustling city of Newark, New Jersey. This announcement adds another feather in Raekwon's cap, proving that the artist's influence isn't just limited to the world of music.

Last week, the artist affectionately known as The Chef shared that his debut cannabis venture, named .hashstoria .received a nod of approval from the Newark Central Planning Board. A brick-and-mortar outlet, Hashtoria promises to be a unique experience for cannabis enthusiasts in the Garden State.

Raekwon took to social media to share his excitement, exclaiming, "THANK YOU NEWARK, NEW JERSEY!!!!!". Not one to forget the people behind the scenes, Raekwon showed gratitude towards his partners in this ambitious project, specifically mentioning Jedd Canty, Bakari Sellers, and radio personality charlamagne-tha-god He underlined the vision for Hashtoria, saying it is "Guaranteed to be the top-tier consumption lounge/dispensary to hit the east coast period!"

For those who have been following hip-hop and its confluence with the burgeoning cannabis industry, Raekwon's venture into this space might not come as a surprise. The industry is seeing a growing number of celebrities and artists either endorsing or launching their own cannabis brands, with Raekwon's Hashtoria set to be the latest addition to this list.

One of the key highlights is the participation of Charlamagne Tha God, a significant media figure and a known advocate for community upliftment. Charlamagne quickly jumped into Raekwon’s celebratory post, reiterating his excitement about the project. His comment underscored the project's potential socio-economic benefits, saying, "I Love The Brick City and I love that we get to create jobs for our people." The sentiment was clear - this is more than just a business venture; it's about giving back to the community and creating opportunities where they're most needed.

The approval of Hashtoria comes at a pivotal time for Newark. The city, with its rich history and cultural diversity, is seeing a renaissance of sorts. As more businesses and initiatives like Raekwon's spring up, Newark stands to benefit both economically and culturally.

In conclusion, Raekwon's entry into the cannabis sector, with the launch of Hashtoria, is a testament to the evolving dynamics of both the music and cannabis industries. While it remains to be seen how successful this venture will be, one thing is for sure: With the backing of significant names like Charlamagne Tha God and the undying spirit of The Chef, Hashtoria is poised to make a mark in the cannabis landscape of the east coast.

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