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Richard Sherman in custody after arrest at in-laws' home, car accident

Via, Sherman allegedly attempted to force his way into the home of a family member. He also allegedly fought with police when they arrived on the scene.

Authorities took him to a local hospital, where he was checked and cleared and then taken to jail.

A police spokesperson said that no one in the house was injured during the incident.

Via, Sherman’s alleged fighting with police became so bad that a K9 was used to subdue him.

Also, Sherman “allegedly crashed his vehicle into a cement freeway barrier,” before advancing on foot to the home he allegedly tried to enter.The Washington State Police also are involved in the case, due to the vehicular incident.

Via Adam Schefter of, Sherman faces a hit-and-run investigation, along with a possible charge of damaging Washington Department of Transportation property.

Sherman remains jailed without bail in King County. That’s standard practice in Washington domestic violence cases. It’s unknown when a judge will set bail for Sherman.

they say this from his wife even tho her last name differ

“At this time we’re going to make no statements, except he didn’t harm anybody,” Ashley Moss said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. “My kids were not harmed in the incident. He’s a good person and this is not his character. We’re doing all right, just trying to get him out. I want people to know no one was injured.”

Moss was, according to Condotta, “emotionally shaken.” She declined to discuss the specific of the case.

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