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Roddy Ricch Replaced on ‘SNL’ Over COVID-19 Exposure

Roddy Ricch says he’s working to “lock in a new date” after being replaced as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live due to COVID-19exposure.

In a recent press release, NBCUniversal announced that SNL would be making its return on Jan. 15 with host Ariana DeBose (West Side Story) and musical guest Bleachers, with the latter serving as Roddy’s replacement. While the initial press release didn’t provide a reason for Roddy dropping out of his previously scheduled performance, the Live Life Fast artist has since explained the decision in an Instagram Story update. He also confirmed that he is indeed still aiming to perform on the show in the future.

“Due to recent COVID exposure on my team and to keep everyone safe I won’t be able to perform on SNL this weekend,” Roddy, who also advised fans to “stay safe,” said Wednesday. “I’m working with the SNL team to lock in a new date though!”

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