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Saigon posts on IG about Hot 97 banning him over punching Prodigy

From (Saigon)

saigon_nyc Verified THIS IS WHAT'S REAL. I never been a clout chaser in my life. Im calling these dudes out because ENOUGH is ENOUGH.. If Youre not a READER, stop here. So I worked my whole life to get a record deal, been rapping since I was 11. I made mistakes, went to prison for almost all of my teenage years yet still chasing my dream to be a rapper. I get out, work my ass off and finally land a deal with @atlanticrecords and @justblaze. Im having a little issues with the label but they acting like they fucking with me because of Just and @1978hiphop who bought me up there. Long story short, I finally get a single they willing to work, we somehow get Jay Z on it. Now at that time, its equivalent to having @champagnepapion ya shit today. It changes ya life. Im 🤯... Ebro and I were mad cool at the time, he was atually the first person I ever played the song for in the Hamptons... Something about the way he looked at me said he wasn't happy for me to have that opportunity to have a song with Jay. But I thought nothing of it... Fast forward to the Mobb Deep incident, YES, I knew I had beef with these guys because Im loyal and they had a beef with @trulife who Id die for today. But when I went to that SOB's event, I didnt go there for trouble. I was with 2 other people. If I went there for issues knowing the Mobb is always deep and known for fucking nikkas up, I wouldve been deep too. I came to see @caponeqb4life and @therealnoreagado T.O.N.Y. (my top 5 rap songs everrr) and Peter Rosenberg Suggested I get on stage and perform my new single.... (Which Jay wasnt even on at the time) I told this guy Nah Nah Nah 10000 times.. I said.. "Im not even supposed to be here" knowing Queens was super deep that night. He said "Saigon Trust Me, This is how U represent when U got a hot song out" being he worked at @hot97 I took the risk... While Im onstage, they get onstage and the shit goes down now he asking Why did he punch someone? You dont see them dudes surrounding me and himming me up? I WAS PROTECTING MYSELF. I wasnt because it was a Hot97 event? After this incident Ebro banned me from Hot 97 for a whole year.. Thats when Atlantic officially said SAIGON is a wrap.. To be Continued..

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