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T.I. Confronts Son King Harris in a Heated 'Silver Spoon' Argument at NFL Game

Rapper T.I. and his family saw more in the Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on November 26, 2023, than just a simple sporting event. A contentious dispute between T.I. and his 19-year-old son, King Harris, transpired during the game due to a remark about a "silver spoon," which garnered significant media coverage.

While watching the game in a lavish room with his spouse Tiny and other guests, King Harris made a claim about having a difficult background, which T.I. and Tiny refuted. This sparked the disagreement. The rapper, who is renowned for having an open mind, addressed his son's assertion in response with a rhetorical question that highlighted the advantages King has had. The exchange was caught on camera on Instagram Live.

On the left, a smiling man and woman pose together, the man wearing a beige shirt and the woman in a red top with her blonde hair styled up. On the right, a close-up of a young man with blonde dreadlocks, a black shirt, and a thick silver chain necklace, with greenery in the background."
ti and his son

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