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Treyway Shotti Down Bad

6ix9ine former manager, Shotti, is seeking new legal counsel as he's reportedly down to his last $1,200 is unable to retain his own attorney.

In court documents, dated Oct. 20, Shotti cited the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) in a U.S. Court of Appeals motion. The CJA, available in all federal cases, allows individuals to have legal representation appointed to them if they are financially unable to do so themselves. If someone meets the standards, the individual will receive a public defender or private lawyer paid for by the CJA plan.

In the court documents, Shotti -- whose real name is Kifano Jordan -- stated that he only had $1,200 in "cash on hand or money in savings or checking accounts." He also claimed he hasn't received any income within the past year. Shotti also argued that he's been unable to effectively research issues related to his appeal efforts because he's been held in isolation under pandemic restrictions.

"The petitioner's case is complex and beyond any understanding he has of the law and its procedures," the document read. "The petitioner desperately needs the help of legal counsel to properly prepare the issues and supporting facts and laws to support each issue that will be presented before this honorable court."

Shotti is currently serving 15 years for his role in 6ix9ine and Treyway's racketeering case. .. his-own-lawyer

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