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TV: The Untold Stories of the Philly Mob: An Exclusive Interview with Joey Merlino

In a recent, highly anticipated interview, Joey Merlino, a name that has long been associated with some of the most intriguing stories of organized crime and its complex culture, sat down with VladTV for an exclusive session. The interview, conducted in Vlad's signature direct and insightful style, offered viewers an in-depth look into Merlino's life, thoughts, and the notoriety surrounding him.

Merlino, often referred to by his nickname "Skinny Joey," has been a figure of fascination and speculation for both the public and law enforcement agencies for decades. His alleged connections to organized crime, specifically within the Philadelphia area, have made headlines time and again. However, in this interview, viewers got to see a different side of Merlino, one that goes beyond the headlines and into the man himself.

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