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Nurses at Vilar dos Teles Women’s Hospital in São João Meriti, which is a municipality outside of Rio de Janeiro, reportedly suspected anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella Bezerra was doing something untoward to his patients during c-sections for weeks. So they hid a camera in an operating room to learn what Quintella Bezerra was doing on the other side of the curtain during the procedure. Unfortunately, there was certainly cause for concern.

The 32-year-old anesthesiologist was allegedly captured on cell phone video inserting his p–s into the mouth of a sedated patient while she underwent the procedure on July 10. Quintella Bezerra allegedly abused the unconscious woman mere feet from the rest of the operating team, whose view was blocked by a surgery curtain. The assault reportedly lasted 10 minutes, and he is seen wiping out his victim's mouth with gauze afterwards, presumably to hide his crime.

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