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Wack 100 Owns THE GAME's House & ALL Publishing...

The model chasing Game for $7 million claims the rapper has transferred all of his valuable assets into shell companies controlled by his manager, Cash "Wack 100" Jones.

The woman chasing Game for her $7,000,000 judgment is refusing to let up in an aggressive pursuit of the rap star's assets.

Her lawyer just filed for a restraining order against Game, in an attempt to prevent him from transferring assets to his manager, Cash "Wack 100" Jones.

Priscilla Rainey claims Game has already transferred a variety of value passes to his manager, including the deed to his house, which was listed as a gift to Wack because he claimed: “the conveyance [was] a bonafide gift, and the grantor received nothing in return.”

She also accuses Wack 100 of creating a company called Pass Go 2 Win, LLC to control the trademark for "The Game."

"Post-judgment discovery has revealed that Taylor owns almost no assets under his own name, but assigns his interests to receive revenue to his manager, his manager’s company, and other Taylor-owned holding companies," wrote Michael Jason Lee, who is representing Rainey in the high-stakes legal battle.

Priscilla Rainey won a $7,130,100 default judgment against the Compton rapper, who refused to show up for a trial for a civil suit stemming from his 2015 reality shows "She Got Game." .. 60WUmLaL9386kw .. 60WUmLaL9386kw

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