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Young Dirty Bastard releases his debut single “BarSun” with the official music video

Being Ol' Dirty Bastard's eldest son and RZA's nephew, Young Dirty Bastard grew up influenced by and regularly surrounded by members of the Wu-Tang Clan. He has performed live with them as well as having recorded songs under guidance of the RZA. YDB is not only the son of Old Dirty Bastard but he’s known for his capricious behavior while performing on stage with Wu-tang. Raised The Fist Propaganda collaborated with Young Dirty on his first single BarSun to bring you lyrical wordplay and with prestige production.

“BarSun” is one of the first tracks off of his EP titled “YDB” a superb production by the legendary “Lordz of Brooklyn". Young Dirty Bastard delivers a meaningful, intense delivery over the superb production by the legendary “Lordz of Brooklyn”. On the new track, “BarSun” story is an everlasting journey through the entertainers’ life and his journey with his family. This track will bring you closer to him and will bring you deeper into young dirty bastard’s world. His connection to his father’s legacy on this song will resonate within the hip hop community. At this time YDB is building an empire, thinking outside the box while still delivering bars with a message.

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