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Power Universe Star Michael Rainey Jr. Chats with Melo in Red Hook

Michael Rainey Jr., the talented actor from the Power Universe, recently made an appearance on the couch in Red Hook to have a candid conversation with Melo. During their discussion, Rainey opened up about receiving life-changing advice from none other than 50 Cent, his experiences growing up with Kiyan Anthony on the set of ‘Power,’ and the challenges of navigating the cut-throat business of Hollywood.

Rainey shared how 50 Cent’s mentorship has profoundly influenced his career and personal growth. He recounted specific moments where 50 Cent's guidance helped him make pivotal decisions, both on and off the set. The actor also reminisced about his time spent with Kiyan Anthony, son of basketball star Carmelo Anthony, describing their unique bond and the life lessons they learned together while working on the show.

The conversation didn’t stop there. Melo also shared his excitement about watching Kiyan dominate the EYBL (Elite Youth Basketball League) this summer. His pride and enthusiasm were evident as he discussed Kiyan's impressive performance and potential future in basketball.

Switching gears, Melo and Rainey delved into some NBA talk. Melo expressed his thoughts on the Dallas Mavericks' chances of winning it all, analyzing their current roster and performance. Additionally, he praised Anthony Edwards, highlighting how the young star is on the cusp of becoming the best player in the league.

This engaging conversation between Michael Rainey Jr. and Melo is a must-watch for fans of ‘Power’ and basketball enthusiasts alike. Stay tuned to HypeCityShow for more exclusive interviews and the latest in hip-hop and sports news.

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